We enjoy the following, in moderation, naturally
Mark Birtles Project
The Fine Options
The Corb Lund Band
Fake Cops
Hot Little Rocket
Run Chico Run
The Cape May
The Summerlad
Vail Halen
Twin Fangs
The Vertical Struts
The Wet Secrets
The Cripple Creek Fairies

Junior Pantherz

All Purpose Voltage Heroes

The Blood Lines

Down North

Rectangle Records
Reluctant Recordings
Flemish Eye
Riverdale Recorders
Maple Music


Roast Records

Dr Scientist Sounds - Awesome Pedals fully endorsed by whitey himself!

CJSR -home of The Francois, Bishop, the Twin J's... plus so much more
Sonic 102.9 fm - Modern rock station, with the suck knob turned all the way down!
CJSW -wonderful hosts of the finest ball hockey tournament ever hosted
CITR -home of Luke Meat and cohorts

Gigposters.com -Of all things gigposteresque, check the whitey submissions here
spindecline - Local happenings / bitchin'
myspace - The Whitey myspace page... no, really, be our friend... we love you
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