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Whitey Houston CD/LP

1] They Got Cameras In Their Pockets
2] I Got Fucked By Liberty Mutual
3] Liarbird
4] I Get Around
5] Brand New History
6] The Good Ship Indiscretion
7] Heavy Metal Parking Lot
8] Do That Thing!
9] One Hundred
10] Havalina
11] Why Would You Want To Go And Do That To Me?
12] Turning

Out on May 31.05 on Rectangle Records / Indiestructible
Distributed in Canada by Maple/Universal
Preview a few tracks at Rectangle Records radio

LP Bonus Tracks:
Democracy Disease
President Whitey
LP Available through Reluctant Recordings

I Got Fucked By Liberty Mutual 7"
with Turning b-side

Now available with custom screen printed cover on husk card stock:

Our good chum The Chinball Wizard, formerly Trevor Anderson, recently completed a short film called Rugburn, which features I Got Fucked By Liberty Mutual as credit music. Trevor and his giant brain came up with the idea of arranging and recording the song with a string quartet. Here are three short 'hold music' versions of Liberty Mutual as done by Edmonton's own String Beans Quartet, arranged by Scott Zubot. [1] [2] [3]